virtual reality

Virtual Reality is the next big thing in Education and Training, it will create a new pedagogy to learn scientific theories which were hard to understand. 

– Increase knowledge area

– Active experience rather than just passive information

– Helps to understand complex concepts, subjects or theories
– Boosts students creativity

– Increase Interest toward boring subjects like science

– Improve the understanding level of students

– Improve teaching skills in teachers using VR by providing a deep level of knowledge.

– Improving memory power by connecting feelings with education.

” Impact learning like never before “

A full educational VR simulation of the UAE Mars hope probe from manufacturing the probe till it reaches Mars and tests the instruments on the Probe. 

” Inspiring curious kids to develop a love for Science “

Our beautifully designed Augmented Reality products allow you to explore the world in ways you never thought possible.

AR simulation of UAE Hope Mars Probe

” A relatively small VR device can even act as a whole science lab “

VR Jobs of Future

Crude oil industry chain

Medics Training and Preparation

VR Experiences
UAE Science Festival.

Abu Dhabi science festival.

Teach the students how to use the fire distinguishers and which one to use with different types of of fire.

Mars mission