By using virtual reality training it is possible to create training that is not only more engaging but also more effective than traditional training methods.

Built for enterprise from the ground up, the Immersive Platform helps companies create, deploy, scale, measure and integrate VR training and maximise their ROL.

Showcase your products in a brand new way. Excite customers, enhance your visibility and reduce costs

” Discover how VR can transform your workforce “


Dismantling and troubleshooting centrifugal pump 

” Employee Experience for a changing world “

Enterprise immersive trainings and technologies to supercharge engagement and performance of your business.

Employee training at thermal power station.

” Empower the Workforce “

Solve your greatest challenges in manufacturing, services and training in virtual reality.

Aviation training simulation

” Adopt Remote Work “

Keep your business running with real-time access to knowledge.

VR Medics Training and Preparation

” Increase Productivity “

Increase workforce productivity with all information at hand.

Forklift driver with robot automation.

” Talent Shortage “

Turn any front-line worker into an expert.

Bus Inspection VR Training.


Shared VR experience

A higher level of immersion brings a higher level of engagement.

Cinema Room showcasing the Achievments of Mohre in UAE

Enhancing the Live Event Experience

Abu Dhabi boat show fishing game. 

Virtual Product Presentations offer new possibilities to showcase your products.

VR Sport apps

Merging the physical world with the virtual worlds

Customized game and event management